How To Start A Business In 11 Steps 2023 Guide

Always consider where your target market hangs out before engaging in any social media marketing activities. You have a business license, a business name, business insurance, a strategic plan, and your core offerings in place. It’s important that you are thinking of your own business as a complete solution to your client. You are not just providing accounting and bookkeeping services, you are providing much more than that. If you don’t manage your workflows well, work quality will suffer and things will start to slip through the cracks.

  • A business card will likely be the first form of financing you’ll qualify for, and it can be a great financial tool to help you with cash flow or necessary expenses early on in your business.
  • To get to know who’s out there, there’s no better way than attending local networking events to collect some business cards.
  • Take stock of what you have and make a list of what you need to get started.
  • She holds a Bachelor’s degree from UCLA and has served on the Board of the National Association of Women Business Owners.
  • It was specifically built to help bookkeeping firms track the status of client work and important deadlines.

These expenses that haven’t been paid yet are categorized as accounts payable. I’m the founder and president of, a successful Internet based information business. I’m also the author of numerous books, mostly in the area of small business management. In general, a bookkeeper can handle anywhere from 5 to 50 clients, depending on the factors mentioned above.

And, you need to know the answers BEFORE you dive into the bookkeeping business pool. Some states may impose steep penalties against businesses that fail to obtain workers’ compensation insurance. You can download our free accounting client onboarding checklist template to make onboarding seamless. To establish credibility and expertise, consider enrolling in bookkeeping certification courses.

Step 6: Standardize Your Workflow Processes

A bookkeeper may also assist with the preparation of tax returns and other regulatory filings. The specific tasks and responsibilities of a bookkeeper may vary depending on the company they work for and the nature of their role. It’s tough to stay on top of new trends and changes in the industry.

  • An LLP is similar to an LLC but is typically used for licensed business professionals such as an attorney or accountant.
  • These skills are essential for running a successful bookkeeping business, as they enable you to effectively communicate with clients and manage your operations.
  • You should also clearly state your payment terms, such as the due date and any late payment fees.
  • Starting a bookkeeping business can pave the way for a modern, innovative, and creative job that involves keeping and interpreting financial records.

When you get clients, over and above the accounting work that you’ll be delivering to them, they’ll also need help throughout the year for ad hoc questions. Dealing with chief executive officer these ad hoc questions would form part of the support that you’ll be expected to provide. Every core offering will contain professional services and accounting work.

I’ve seen many thriving bookkeepers use this profile as their only source of new clients, and it’s great because they come to you. While most businesses require an investment to buy equipment, rent space, stock up on inventory, etc., you can start a bookkeeping business for next to nothing. Many cloud-based tools are free for bookkeepers and allow you to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Bookkeeping, as it turns out, is one of the best online businesses you can start. Freelancers have to pay their own taxes for their bookkeeping business. It’s important to keep that in mind when you set your rates and offer your services.

How to start a bookkeeping business in 9 steps:

It lets you showcase your expertise and can be a great source of client acquisition. Before you start on client work, be sure you have the proper bookkeeping and business software to help you manage your client-facing and back-office tasks effectively. If you plan to lease office space, then your mailing address will be wherever your office is located. However, if you plan to set up a home office, you’ll need to obtain a business mailing address so that you don’t have to use your home address.

Research your funding options

On top of forming your LLC, there’s some additional administrative paperwork to handle before opening your doors. This step can be tedious, but ensuring you’re operating as a legitimate business is vital. Limiting who you work with by niching down may sound counterintuitive when launching your business. However, it allows you to hone your skills in your area of expertise and focus your attention on the clients you’d like to serve. Danielle Bauter is a writer for the Accounting division of Fit Small Business. She has owned Check Yourself, a bookkeeping and payroll service that specializes in small business, for over twenty years.

Of course, some businesses don’t need this level of assistance and prefer to go with virtual bookkeeping services. Just as it is never too early to open a separate business bank account, it is also never too early to officially register and “formalize” your bookkeeping business. In many cases, brand new bookkeeping businesses will begin as a limited liability company (LLC). These are straightforward businesses that, as their name suggests, can help reduce your personal exposure to liability.

The Essential Bookkeeping Checklist for Small Businesses

From University of Wisconsin–Madison, and she lives in the Chicago area with her family. Additionally, may earn a small commission from products or services mentioned on this site. During this time, it’s also a good idea to check if the name you want is available as a web domain, even if you’re not ready to set up a website yet. Also, if needed, a business plan is needed when trying to get funding from lenders.

Ask current clients to refer you

She holds a Bachelor’s degree from UCLA and has served on the Board of the National Association of Women Business Owners. She also regularly writes about travel, food, and books for various lifestyle publications. Here are a few tips to “stay in the loop” on what’s going on in the bookkeeping/accounting industry.

Where can a consulting business find government contracts to apply for?

Show your clients that you value their business and are committed to their financial success. You’ve set up your business, and you will start taking on new clients, but before you do this you need to create a streamlined onboarding process. This is essential as the first impressions and this process will set the stage for your relationship with the client. After starting your online bookkeeping business, you should join freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Guru, or Toptal. Keep an eye out for job offers, and never stop learning through webinars, online panel discussions, and courses. AIPB is a more suitable option for those without a formal education in bookkeeping and accounting.

As your small business grows, it’s important to have a scalable business model so that you can accommodate additional customers without incurring additional costs. A scalable business model is one that can be replicated easily to serve more customers without a significant increase in expenses. An exit strategy is important for any business that is seeking funding because it outlines how you’ll sell the company or transfer ownership if you decide to retire or move on to other projects.

While they can receive certifications through training programs, they can also simply acquire on-the-job experience to establish their bookkeeping business. Tracking your clients’ finances and creating financial reports can be exhausting if you’re doing everything manually. Thanks to modern-day technological advances, we can lean on accounting software to make our lives easier. If you’re starting from scratch and working on a budget, there are a number of free accounting software options that can help you with your bookkeeping business.

Keep in mind that securing financing is often easier when you have a well-thought-out business plan and a clear strategy for growth. If you’re passionate about numbers, detail-oriented, and looking to take control of your career. Starting a bookkeeping business might be the perfect entrepreneurial journey for you.






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